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Default Re: Remembering Darrell Abbot (Dimebag)

Originally Posted by drumnoob View Post
Actually, the guy was a paranoid schizophrenic who was NOT on medication. I think I read part of it was because he believed Dimebag had stolen some of his lyrics(?). It really shows how lame it is that there's no system to monitor severely mentally ill people--he should've been tested periodically to see if he was taking medication, and if he wasn't he should've been admitted to an inpatient program until stable.

I'm not saying the choice wasn't his, but it's too bad there wasn't an intervention, or a seeming interest in this dude's life on anyone's part (I believe he was former military). Maybe Dime would still be rocking and this guy would've had a chance at a normal life. It just sucks all around.
Yeah i think it said that too. But the point is his mum DID buy him a gun so obviously that shows how much of a crap mother she must have been. It's quite interesting you should say this because a baby has just died in this country the uk and everyone is blaming social services which i do think they should have acted better but this kids mum and her boyfriend tortured and murdered their own baby, and it's the director of social services, a woman who went into her job to try and save people who gets all of the public rage directed at her, there have been death threats to kill her own 2 year old daughter. So all i am saying is that these services probably do need to be sorted but there is still this little thing called "personal responsibility" that everyone seems to have forgotten about these days where everything seems to be spoon-fed into their brains.

I'm liking the avatar btw ;)
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