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Default Re: Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
There are all nice kits but four-piece kits seem to have the least variation in setup. With a few exceptions, every one I've seen has one-up, one-down, the rack tom to the left of the bass drum, ride cymbal in the large gap between floor and rack. About the only variation I've seen is people moving the rack tom to the right, so it's close to the floor tom.

I would like to see a double-bass four-piece (one tom), none-up two-down, two-up none-down, and other variations. I've seen a few double-bass five-piece kits and they have a badass look to them.
...that is what I like about them.

With the exception of the lefty, any one of us could hop on any kit here and be comfortable on it. I have seen some incredible innovative set ups on this site five piece and larger. Most of them being a reflection of the drummers individual taste and style, a signiture if you will.

The four piece has always had that generic look to me, with the drummers playing being the signiture. Besides, I never tire of looking at photos of Wavelength's Khumus or Zambizi's Unix. I just wanted a handy album to keep them in one spot as I am tooo lazy to go and hunt for them.

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