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Default Re: Remembering Darrell Abbot (Dimebag)

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
I know it's an old cliché but i think in this case it summarises the point quite well. I just hate so much how a gun can turn a bad mood into a mass murder :( If it wasn't for this guys mum buying him a gun for kicking drugs (yeah great idea mum!) Then he'd still be sulking in his room because pantera had split up (yes that is the reason why he'd murdered dime, pathetic, eh?) and dimebag darrell would still be with us. The world would just me a much better place if these "people" if you can call them that would just shoot themselves BEFORE they went and shot everyone else they could find.
Actually, the guy was a paranoid schizophrenic who was NOT on medication. I think I read part of it was because he believed Dimebag had stolen some of his lyrics(?). It really shows how lame it is that there's no system to monitor severely mentally ill people--he should've been tested periodically to see if he was taking medication, and if he wasn't he should've been admitted to an inpatient program until stable.

I'm not saying the choice wasn't his, but it's too bad there wasn't an intervention, or a seeming interest in this dude's life on anyone's part (I believe he was former military). Maybe Dime would still be rocking and this guy would've had a chance at a normal life. It just sucks all around.
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