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Default Re: DrummerWorld in 2009

I love the idea of a teacher's forum

Originally Posted by wloeb View Post
What I would like to see is a voting button next to each post in a thread where members can vote on whether or not the post was helpful. I've seen quite a few posts giving very bad advice in response to questions. It would be nice for someone with a question to be able to see which answers the community thinks are trustworthy.

I kind of like this idea, and kind of don't. Too many things in drumming are opinion based, or there are more than one way to do them...I'm picturing threads like the ones on open handed playing that get downright nasty, and wondering if it wouldn't just turn into all the pro-open-handers giving thumbs up to everything they agree with, and thumbs down to everything they disagree with, stuff like that. Or a lot of the younger guys giving thumbs down to us old farts when we suggest people buy used gear, even though it really is a great suggestion...
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