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Default Re: Echoes, by Pink Floyd

Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
I ve often wondered what sound would sounds would become of a theramin played through a Leslie speaker with loads of delay,reverb, and about 30+ other effects ...maybe add som wah-wah and pitch flanging....sounds like a good time. WHOAAA
Haha don't ruin it with too MANY effects. then you'll get a bunch of garble that'll blow out your speakers. but man.. I can't get over how the floyd did amazing things with a bunch of analog equipment.. I can't stop thinking about how I was born into the wrong generation (I'm 16 by the way). My school has garage band and a bunch of MIDI keyboards, and I spend hours in there playing with the analog synth simulators, but still, its nowhere near the same. And actual synthesizers cost a fortune.

you know what else is awesome in Echoes? The ear-piercing guitar after the funky part (you know, during the ghostly interlude). I read that Gilmour did that by reverse-plugging a guitar through a wah-wah, like the input in the output and the output in the input. But what's REALLY cool is how he just mastered that effect. I've seen videos of guys on youtube trying to do the same thing, but only Gilmour can make that guitar sound like an actual living being from another planet like that.


PS: I'm thinking of making my own Leslie speaker one of these days (haha one of these days GET IT?).. who out there with some electrical know-how wants to help me with the design?
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