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Default Re: learning a second instrument

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Learn the Piano if you want to learn notation. That would be the best manner of going about it. I play the Guitar, Bass and as I've said before, am a Classically trained Singer - but I'm also learning the Piano. I tend to learn the chord names and just play the thing rather than learning to read (I can read, very badly) but I would recommend to read. I have a copy of Bela Bartok's 'Microkosmos' which is one of THE important books for fluid playing and reading - but I've barely given it a glance because I always do things the wrong way around...
thanks for the response.
and i am leaning towards piano. it just seems like the best option.

i would like to be able to read, but thats not was is the most important to me. i want to get bearable as fast as possible so that i feel like i am making some kind of progress and stay with it. i tried guitar a while back but quickly forgot to keep at it... i am spoiled by the fact the i am already a drummer and dont deal with this stuff. i work hard at something new and say "forget this. i dont have to work on drums. i just play."
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