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Default Re: learning a second instrument

Learn the Piano if you want to learn notation. That would be the best manner of going about it. I play the Guitar, Bass and as I've said before, am a Classically trained Singer - but I'm also learning the Piano. I tend to learn the chord names and just play the thing rather than learning to read (I can read, very badly) but I would recommend to read. I have a copy of Bela Bartok's 'Microkosmos' which is one of THE important books for fluid playing and reading - but I've barely given it a glance because I always do things the wrong way around...

Incidentally, we've always had a Piano in the house - my brother is a Pianist, so all the books are his too. I wish we had easy music in the house, but we really don't. It's all ridiculous Debussy...
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