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Originally Posted by ian123 View Post
alright this has probably been said already but im not about to read all 1000 of these posts so here it goes. Travis Barker IS a good drummer but the reason so many people hate him is this: people who dont play drums watch him and think hes good because he plays fast, which angers people who do play drums. Then, those people start saying how its easy to play fast and that they can do it too and Travis is overrated, etc. However, the reason he is a good drummer is not because hes fast, but because of the creativity he uses in all of his songs, as well as how defined his style is. You can listen to any given song with him on drums and immediately tell its him, and thats not something that many drummers can say about themselves. So what im saying is no, hes not the best but he is definately a good drummer to say the least.
I also wanna add that the reason why he's viewed as being so talented is because he was in a well known band called Blink 182. That definitely got his name out there.

Personally, the one thing that annoys me about Travis is that it's not Travis himself, it's the vast amount of people, who aren't musically oriented, who compare Travis to a very talented drummer who actually have an amazing talent like Buddy Rich or Tony Williams for example. That to me is so ridiculous and simply isn't feasible. You can't compare the two although I do see it all the time especially on YouTube. In my eyes, Travis is overrated but he does have some good ideas and he has inspired millions of people so I give him credit for that.
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