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Default Hip-hop Mash-ups I made

I make some hip-hop stuff and here are a couple mash-ups that I'm most proud of.

Prince, Kanye West, & Lil Wayne: "Barry Bonds/5 Women+" and the one that I'm most proud of, Johnny Cash and Tupac Shakur's "God's Gonna Cut You Down/One Day At a Time". The Prince one is kinda vulgar so be warned. Also, I know, JayP does hip-hop stuff, too, but does anyone else on here? I'd love to hear it.

And I just thought of this because I'm listening to it right now, but I didn't want to start a new thread about it: Kanye West fans, what are your thoughts on 808s and Heartbreak? I love it but I know a lot of people don't like it at all because it's a pop album.
Tupac Shakur/Johnny Cash MP3 here.

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