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Default Re: New Radiohead Album

Pablo Honey isn't a great album to be honest, there are a couple of good cuts - but they've come a Hell of a long way since then. Kid A is a great album - it's really simple when you break it down, but it just has a lot of good songs.

Amnesiac is harder. It's one of those albums you really have to be in the right mood for. I don't think the songs are as strong as Kid A, but arguably have deeper readings because of the obscurity. Read it from a Dadaist (or Postmodern, or even Existential) point of view and it suddenly starts to make a lot of sense. 'The Downward Spiral' (NIN) is similar - the songs can be really hard to get into, but add a bit of reading on the side and suddenly it makes sense. I sit there laughing at parts of Amnesiac - it's a bit of an in-joke with the band I suspect. Just one we're not seeing too much of.

There is a great self-reference. 'I Will' from Hail to the Thief is basically 'Like Spinning Plates' from Amnesiac but backwards. Listen to them together. Little jokes.

Oh yeah. And the 'In Rainbows' vinyl is stunningly well mixed and mastered. I have noticed some varispeed techniques in there as well - play the CD and the vinyl together - the vinyl is actually a very slightly different speed. That's 45's for you.
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