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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Prior to 2005, in all of my 25 years of drumming to that point, I felt the ludwig speed king was the greatest pedal on the market, even though it was noisy and the design is from 1937 and still unchanged. The reason for my preference, two words: compression spring. Fast forward to the present, the best pedal on the market IMO is now the Trick percusssion pro-1v detonator (i own the "bigfoot" longboard model). It uses the same compression action and is quite frankly, years ahead of anything on the market from an engineering standpoint.

I have owned the speed king, a yamaha double pedal, a 1st gen iron cobra, a dw7002 and a dw 9002. The trick is more responsive and more adjustable than any other pedal i have owned or played. The only action you cannot achieve is "assist" the way a DW 5002 will "lead" your foot when you get up to speed. Those John Bonham style duplets and triplets that i could only ever do on the Speed King? Effortless on the Trick. My speed with blast beats increased from 204 bpm 16th note singles with the 9002 (highly regarded as one of the smoothest pedals you can get) to 216 bpm singles over an 8 bar phrase with the Trick. The action is equal in every aspect between the main and the slave. The slave even seperates to become an identical single pedal.

downside is the cost. about 800USD. Their new dominator pedal uses the same design basics though at a more affordable price. If you have the opportunity to check one out at your local music store, spend a few minutes and customize it to your liking, you will want to leave with it.
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