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Default Re: How has AGE affected your playing style

I'm old enough now to realize I don't have to take BS off some egotistical junior high or high school dipshit who thinks he's the second coming of Buddy Rich....

And I can now use my drumming again to get women. It worked once years ago, and it'll work again. Everyone loves the drummer!!

But seriously, since I'm older I'm taking more risks on the drums, experimenting with new sounds, beats, fills, ect. In school bands, if someone stepped out of line regarding a groove or stepped out of the pocket to experiment, they were yelled at. Any my playing has gotten a lot better since I started back up. I'm more aware of drums and drumming. And I now realize that playing in a group is all about the group, not one inidivual player. It's all about collaboration, experimentation, the artistic and development process. The analysis and dynamics, the melody, the chorus, etc. I now listen a lot better to the other players and try to play according to the song's characteristics. Age and maturity have really increased my drumming ability and overall musical ability.
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