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Default Re: What's the story behind your user name?

My wife, now my EX WIFE, once called me a "self-absorbed deviant rogue" during one of our many, many arguments, which for the most part, she started. When we were dating and engaged, she loved my "deviant rogue" and outlaw persona. I was never arrested, but did tend to break a few laws here and there on occasion. Mainly racing, speeding and breaking and entering - not to steal, but for the "right" reasons. And I used to pull a lot of practical jokes. Not to hurt, but simply to amuse.

She's a school teacher and taught english as one of her subjects. Yes, she has a huge vocabulary, which is why she came up with the above insult. So I used the "Rogue Joker" handle on Xanga or My Space, as a taunt to the bitch - --- or rather my ex. And since I've joined DrummerWorld I thought I'd use the "Rogue" prefex again in my Rogue_Drummer handle. But now someone thought it'd be cute to steal my Rogue Joker handle and use it on another sight. That was my original handle that some unimaginative kid stole. Anyway, I'm rambling.....

I wish it was more interesting than that....
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