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Default Yahoo! Answers drumming knowledge

How do you pronounce the word zildjian?


What would be a good drum symbol?

my best friend who is a drummer uses sabian symbols. she says theyre the best

On a drum set which one is the crash symbol?

I think it's the two biggest symbols. I'm not sure tho, I don't pay much attention to the drummers in Rock Band

Whats the best brand of crash symbol?

To my opinion the best medium priced symbal brand is ZYLJIAN, hand made.

Jazz Drummers: What are best high hat cymbals and stand for jazz?

wut da hell i ant no perzon fo dat kind uf stuff srry i ant no genious i didnt even get wut u askd lolz **:P**

Which stand is best for a crash ride cymbal, a straight or boom?

my boyfriend used a boom and it works for him
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