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Default Re: Drumnetics, anyone???

Originally Posted by trkdrmr View Post

I am not that curious about it, maybe because it seems limited, like a BOA, which I don't like at all. The reason people gravitate toward pedals pros use isn't just hero worship, it's a known quantity. Note that you don't see a bunch of pros using the crapapault or the boa. There is a good reason for that, and they are coincidentally, new technologies that won't ever take off. They just don't work for me either.

Someone will have to buy a drumnetics and let me know how it works. I'll wait for the inevitable reviews.

Of course, the bigfoot is a little out of the norm, given all that went into it. I am just glad I didn't pay anywhere near sale price.
I agree that a known quantity is generally a good thing, but not always. There are plenty of examples of good ideas and new technologies that didn't become widespread because of politics, economics, financing, competitive skulduggery, regulations and other reasons that had nothing to do with their merits as a product. In other words, there are plenty of good products that don't make it to market, plenty of bad ones that do, and the reverse as well. You'd think, for example, that a pedal line that habitually squeaked would be out of business, but they sell like hotcakes and squeak right along on some of the most famous recordings ever; there's not accounting for taste.

So, just because 99 percent of a group uses a certain product doesn't necessarily mean it is superior or that other technologies are inferior. It only means the majority of people use it, that's all. Investigation of the particular product, its technology and claims is warranted. Based on what I've seen so far, I'd be willing to give the Drumnetics a chance. Anything with fewer moving parts already has some advantages. And it is, in fact, adjustable - I don't know where you got it in your head that it's not.
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