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Original question::Who's your favorite band from the 70's that was underrated or not as popular as the heavyweights from that time?

Then people have answers like Zeppelin, the who, Kiss, Yes,AC/DC, Bad Comapny??? Nice way to kill a thread. Yeah they were all way underrated. .
Here is my list again.... amended. I did glaze over the word "underrated" by accident.

RUSH -- mercilessly slammed by critics and underrated in the 70's

Mountain -- only known for "Mississippi queen" but they could rock

Ram Jam -- Only known for "black Betty" but had a lot of talent

Styx-- bashed by critics for "bombastic arena rock" style.

Little feet

Gino Vanelli (prog pop?)-- not given as much due as deserved.

Vanilla Fudge-- Carmine/Fudge helped make Bonham/Zep.


Molly Hatchet-- slammed by critics as "Skynard clone" They were/are much more edgy than that.

And yes Zep took a lot of crap from critics.
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