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I am a recent follower of Travis work. No, I don't think he is the be-all-and-end-all that I read about. He doesn't seem like the second coming, or someone who could out drum Buddy Rich.

But what I do think about his is he is creative, and brings a great energy into drumming. He is very kinetic and lively. I have been listening to the best of Blink 182 when I am stuck over here, and I can see why he is popular. He is very entertaining to listen to and watch. His energy and larger than life stage presence psyches me up to play. He works hard and earned his accolades, carving his own niche. He just gets a little too deified sometimes.

I am very greatful that he recoved from his horrific plane crash. I hope he is successful with his legal endeavors and getting back on the throne. He is a monster talent in any regard.
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