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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Aggressivec View Post
Woah Steamer you have a bunch of Istanbul's! Let me ask all you Istanbul users a question. If I wanted to purchase a set of Istanbul cymbals (Hats, 2 Crashes and Ride) which would you recommend? I play Punk in my band, but I will have another set of cymbals (my Sabians) for that. At home I like to jam to funk, rock, metal, jazz, whatever. I am looking for a nice versatile set of cymbals. I think the Traditional series sounds very nice. What do you all think? Thanks.
Various cymbals from the Azure, Traditional and Alchemy lines, lots of choices available. Check every sound file you can find on the net or a store with actual samples to hear in the flesh and let your ear be your guide for your music. The Azures are the current true sleepers from Agop which sound great in louder applications especially the heavier weight 22" rides and the med. thin weight 16" and 18" crashes. Around here alot of heavy hitters play Sultans {whole series} and some lesser known cymbals such as the heavy Pasha ride. The Alchemy Pro series is very popular with the metal guys too as are many of the cymbals from the Traditional line.

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