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Default Re: Keith Moon that good???

Originally Posted by tuckerduncan2002 View Post
Would anyone care to enlighten me about Keith Moon? He is deemed a legend, yet I have never been impressed by his playing. I found his playing sloppy, especially in concert. I don't think he took his playing all that seriously. Maybe someone could help me out.

Keith Moon page on DrummerWorld
He filled the role of the sound of the Who just fine. The Who were a wild band for that era and his drumming was perfect for it. Entwistle did a great job keeping Moony in line, whilst also providing melodic things that average bass players would only dream of.

You see, drummers by themselves, aren't always that amazing. Some drummers are a "cog in the machine"... absent that cog, the band is not the same. Absent the other cogs, that drummer is not a great either.

Unless the drummer is some "Berkley guy" who does drum concertos, it's unfair to judge drummers on their own merit, while ignoring the rest of the band.

The Who (as well as MC5, etc) were the precursor to "punk", where precision is for pansies, so to speak. I mean, Pete Townsend is no guitar god either.
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