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Default Re: Anyone a Runner? i have a question

I am 57,started my 32nd year of running last October 16th. I have run about 60,000 miles,all on the street,including a number of years running sensationally high weekly mileage.
Everyone is different,but I recommend the following:
1. New shoes every 3 months,especially if they have gotten wet.
2. 2 days off a week. (Run 3 off 1,run 2 off 1 etc.)
3. STRETCHING EVERYDAY. Not only hamstring and achilles,but back ,neck,quads etc. I do six stretches daily,1 minute each by the stopwatch. I can't overemphasize this.
4.Ab exercises (5 minutes daily). They Keep you from having back and posture issues.
5. Anaerobic workouts once a week. Run 1 minute at 70-90 % max effort,rest repeat 10 times. This removes body fat like nothing you have ever experienced,if you are not doing it.
It will also reduce your times drastically,especially if you are young.

I am assuming you are in good health,and younger than 40.
Good Luck-keep running.
PS If anyone suggests knee surgery-run. It doesn't work that well,and rest will do most anything surgery will. I have tried both incidentally,
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