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Sting's gig was no easy gig - Vinnie just makes it look easy. Granted, it wasn't flashy and he wasn't doing upside-down drum solos, but it's hard work to play with that much discipline. Go ahead and play "Seven Days" and try to play 4/4 in your right hand and 7/4 in your left. It's not easy.

Sting covered Purple Haze on one of the tours I saw and Vinnie tore it up. They played some old Police tunes as well and it rocked hard.

The thing I like about Vinnie is that it appears so effortless. There is no wasted movement.

Originally Posted by Rhythmic Disciple
When I first saw Vinnie play on video with Sting in Oslo 1993, I was blown away. Watching his powerhouse performance changed the way I thought about drumming. What impressed me most was how he looked, how he moved and how he touched the drums - it made technical sense without any verbal explanation needed. It was the most valuable lesson I ever had!!!

People talk about Vinnie 'taking the easy gig' with Sting, but I don't agree. Watch the footage from the concert I mentioned above and think again...
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