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Default Re: Your music background?

I've been playing the drums since I was ten. I played in the school bands throughout HS and into college. I've had a couple of bands. The first did some TOP and Chicago. But we never quite got the horns right, nor a singer who could handle that stuff. So the rhythm section got bored after a while and we broke from the horns and formed a hard rock quartet. We did Aerosmith, Kiss and Van Halen covers. We were pretty good.I divided up the songs between four guys but the day before the gig no one had learned them. I ended up singing them and that's how I ended up being a singing drummer. At the time, I wanted to form a progressive rock band, and put in numerous ads for musicians; but there was literally no interest in progressive rock. So since then I've been singing and/or playing drums in bands. I've done some symphony choral singing and even been on a couple of Grammy awarded recordings. Several years ago I had an original group that did my music. We had some record label interest but nothing major. After that I decide I would put all my effort into the drums. Now I am looking to play more jazz, which was my first love. I am really enjoying that.
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