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Default So.. what are you the most passionate about?

Last night I couldn't get to sleep for whatever reasons and the question "what are you the most passionate about?" came across my mind. I wasn't thinking about my passion for family, love, or things like that necessarily, but what object or entity do I truly and wholly care about? My thought process went kind of like this..

Drums. No, playing drums. Well no, playing music. But even then, I love writing. So maybe it's being involved with art. Well, having the gift of expression is part of being an artist, right? So it's expression; expressing what is true to me. Expressing myself is my true passion.

It just sort of struck me in a weird way to think that the one nonliving, inanimate thing that I truly and wholly care about is something that is as natural and human as self expression.

My current life has revolved around this sort of.. philosophy, I guess, of simply "being". So.. being passionate about "being"? It makes sense, right? (expressing what is true to me, etc.) How awesome is that?

I know this isn't an uncommon thought, but it's probably healthy to think about from time to time. Care to share your passions?
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