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Default Re: Your music background?

Mainly Classical actually. My brother was and is a very seriously good Classical Pianist and French Horn player (I mean, SERIOUSLY good) so my house was always full of Classical Music and I played the Piano for a few years when I was very small. I actually got to be reasonably good and then gave it up - forgot how to read music - and then got into 70's Rock; that was when I started playing the drums when I was fourteen at about the same time I started having Classical Singing lessons; something I've always been able to do even though I had to learn it all by ear. I got rather good at that and was entering competitions and my teacher was considering my prospects as a singer as potentially career making. Then she fell quite seriously ill and I never found another teacher. Since then I've had all sorts of changes, but my music taste is best described as 'anything with a soul'. I'm playing guitar, bass, drums and still singing. And right now I'm also teaching myself the piano again - which is just great fun.
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