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Default Re: Drumnetics, anyone???

"We understand any desire to "try before you buy" and want to accommodate that as much as possible. What you've heard about us is going to be useful, but you're the one who will know what's right for you in the end. So we'd like you to try our pedal using our 15 day trial and money back guarantee policy. From the day it arrives, you'll have two weeks to experiment with it, jam with it, gig with it and get the feel of it, which is what you realy want; we know that. If you don't find our pedals to your liking, simply return it for a full refund, with the understanding that the pedal is received undamaged and in its original condition." $269 for a single pedal. $659.99/ double.

I am not that curious about it, maybe because it seems limited, like a BOA, which I don't like at all. The reason people gravitate toward pedals pros use isn't just hero worship, it's a known quantity. Note that you don't see a bunch of pros using the crapapault or the boa. There is a good reason for that, and they are coincidentally, new technologies that won't ever take off. They just don't work for me either.

Someone will have to buy a drumnetics and let me know how it works. I'll wait for the inevitable reviews.

Of course, the bigfoot is a little out of the norm, given all that went into it. I am just glad I didn't pay anywhere near sale price.

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