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Default Anyone a Runner? i have a question

so ive been running around 5 miles a day/ 6 days a week for a few months now and have dropped a lot of weight and have toned up nicely. my personality type is that i can be extremly dedicated to something almost to the point of obsession (as i am with drums).. so ive kinda been obsessing about running too. i dont like missing a day, but i have reciently developed "runners knee" or what i think is runners knee, and im worried ill permanently hurt myself. I am concerned that i might have to give up running for a while or maybe permanently as a form of cardio in fear that i might ruin my knees long term. i took up running cause I heard it really was good for overall body toning, especially in the legs and ab area.

so my question is that if i was to switch to the elliptical for the same amount of time per day/6 days a week would i loose definition in my abs that ive gained through running, and would I potenitall gain weight back ? i ask this cause ive heard that the elliptical doesnt work your body as much as running. im just worried ill lose definition and gain weight... do you think i will?

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