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Default Re: Drumnetics, anyone???

After 10 years... I'd have my (extremely infrequent) adjustments down. I tend to set it, and forget it.

Drumnetics isn't the answer. Get a Trick pedal. One gigantic compression spring adjustment knob, it's a no brainer. Turn it right, turn it left...all from a seated position. The drumnetics don't have a range of adjustment. All the drumnetics is, is a gimmick for a different form of restorative force, not some breakthrough in actual playability.( Much like the air pressure pedal.) You will not be reading about a widespread use of the drumnetics in the metal community. Or the jazz community for that matter. OTOH, the tricks (especially bigfoot) are selling very well. Ease of use and adjustability is a big part of it. Playability is the biggest part.

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