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Default Re: For those 35 and older

Originally Posted by m1ck View Post
Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

And an Australian band called The Angels (aka Angel City for international releases.) WAY ahead of their time.

Midnight Oil, also Australian.
Holy cow!! Manfred Mann! My dad had a couple of their albums back in the 70's (I'm 41 and my dad still rocks, lol) and I always listened to his stuff :)

A couple others I liked then, Toto (how can you forget the great work by the late Jeff Pocaro on it, especially with "Hold the Line"), that tune is almost timeless. Supertramp I liked too...theres a couple others I cant remember the names, as they were kind of not very well known. Of course, the stuff that radio was putting out I listened to over and over..someone mentioned Y&T. Man, what a great band. I still listen to them....and Thin Lizzy with John Sykes on guitar, geez, what a song writer he is...
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