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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
At the very beginning of the WFD, I had expressed interest in doing events in my local shop. After I did a few and realized what the kids (who were participating in it) were getting out of it.......I decidied it wasn't for me to promote.

Not my thing.

Yes, I'm fast and all that....but, I believe.... being fast means nothing without music to back it up.
Otherwise, it's just notes on a pad.

i know what you mean. I was just curious. When I first started playin drums i just wanted to be fast, now I'm mostly all about playing the best drums I can to the music, wether its fast or not. But i had a couple other questions.

First one is, what music do you generally like to listen to most?

And my other question was, can you still play heel-up on the Axis Longboard pedals or are they mainly for heel-toe? I was curious about getting them, but i dont know how to play heel-toe or the heel-up/heel-down type technique. So my question is, can you use the heel-up technique on Axis Longboards or only heel-toe?
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