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Default Re: DrummerWorld in 2009

Originally Posted by Big_Philly View Post
Would a chatbox be very expensive then?

I have an msn-icon in all of my messages, if anyone of this forum wants to add me that's fine. But a chatbox would be a great way to get some feedback and help directly if a lot of people use it. It might cut down on the number of threads started / messages posted on the forum (and thus save space), since the chat room messages don't get saved for longer periods of time.

But I am not very knowledgeable about this so correct me if I'm wrong.
No, a chatbox page would basically be free, because Google ads (especially on a huge site like this) are extremely profitable.

Plus, it really would be a HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE help for people who just have a quick question, like "which is better," or something like that, and don't want to waste an entire thread.
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