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I have had no experience with those models at all. Sorry.


I'm guessing you are referring to where I say that in the DVD about playing swing time. The 1 is.....well, 1. As in beat one! It doesn't change orchestration, but the rhythmic shape. The reason inexperienced jazz drummers, or some high school drummers, or rock drummers trying to play jazz sound bad is because they play the "one" ALL the time. Playing the one works is backbeat based music (boom-whack-boom-whack) but swing time should push with a forward motion. Avoiding the "one" (unless the music dictates you play the "one") gives the time more of a float and push. It swings more improvising with the anticapations and using the "one" conversationally within the rhythmic phrase, as opposed to using the "one" to block off bars and phrases. This is hopefully explained and demonstrated in the swing time section on disc 2 of the DVD.

I hope that helps.

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