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i saw an instruction video years ago by carmin. he's a great guy. what i liked was that while he was demonstrating the essential rock grooves, he revealed his flamboyance by doing a great little fill at the end of each exercise and laughing at himself. when he came to the bass drum triplet thing he mentioned bonham's use of it, but in no way indicated that bonzo had learned it from him. although i suspect bonham was no snob he sponged up idea wherever he could. his earlier bands really hated that triplet figure because he used it ALL THE TIME but not always as neatly as we hear him doing it in the zep discography.
i agree that carmine would have made a fine substitute. i mean really, jimi was the man with the weird ideas that literally forced the rest of the band to flex creatively around odd and interesting riffs and time signatures. cometh the hour cometh the man. Carmine would have done just as well as bonzo. its a lucky man who gets to work with a team like led zep was. though i am sure that a lot of the arranging and rhythm ideas came from johnpaul and bonzo as well.
i must confess that, outside of that video and a couple of tracks i haven't hardly began to listen to the works of mr appice.
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