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Default Re: Lazy Guitar Player

That's the exact problem we had with one of our guitarists. Never practiced material, always goofed off and didn't seem very serious.

We held a "band meeting" and we told him that we'd give him one more chance to straighten up but he never did. So I met up with him and told him we wouldn't need him anymore. He's 18 and I'm 14 so when he got up all pissed off like, I got pretty scared but he didn't do anything.

I think it has done him more good than harm, the last I've heard he's trying harder to actually practice and getting serious. So I think no matter what you'll do, it'll benefit him if he chooses to improve.

I'm the same as drumsword except we can't make CDs. What I basically do is listen to the song a few times, get the jest of it, and improvise on it. Seems to work out fine
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