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Default Re: gretsch renowns!!!

Originally Posted by Art Vandelay View Post
incredible looking kit, i have a question- how versatile is it, configuration wise? for instance, how easily can a rack tom be mounted on a cymbal stand? it looks like it's totally do-able, i'd just like to get your take on it, cheers
Hey, sorry for the very late response. It's very doable. All you need is to buy a clamp (I already have one that is being used to fly the 14-inch tom off of a cymbal stand). It's pretty easy to maneuver things to your liking, although the 14" tom is a little heavy with the die cast hoops and all so the stand's base has to be spread pretty wide. I probably wouldn't like to mount a tom any bigger than 14 inches, in which case I would proceed to floor tom legs.

Actually now that you mention it-- if you buy a gretsch renown, they now come with virgin bass drums, so the toms are mounted off cymbal stands "standard". I guess mine was made before they made the transition to virgin kicks on the renowns.
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