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Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
To be honest unless you're going to be making really big pictures it's better to spend money on a good lens than a good amount of megapixels.
One of the compromises I am not willing to make is to sacrifice zoom or image quality for another higher MP #.

I have been reading various reviews, and they point to the fact the companies like subtle deception to sell cameras.

The companies will say something like "6x zoom!" Which is 2x optical and 4x digital. That's pretty useless to me.

And I have seen a couple 10MP cameras that score a middling to poor rating on how terrible the zoom is. Unstable, dark, distorted etc...

The optical part is the most vital, since nothing really improves a poor picture from a poor optic system. My old camera simply would not put enough light on the subject, and the shutter wasn't ast enough for motion, wasn't slow enough for still objects.

I am going to choose the least compromised model for the money to be sure.
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