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I just bought a Sony DSLR Alpha 200. It is an entry level DSLR at 500.00 that comes with
an 18 to 70mm lens or you can shop for it as just the body. 10.2 MP a ton of shooting modes. etc. Check it out on line. My main reason for buying it was that I had a Minolta SLR that used film, and didn't want to do the film route any longer, but didn't want to put the good lenses, 200mm and 300mm, on the shelf to collect dust. This Sony body is compatible with the Minolta lenses. So for my use it was the perfect fit. You should be able to find it in the PX for less maybe. I love it and the next step up was 200.00 more dollars that I didn't want to spend. Happy shopping.
I *wish* we had a px/bx worth a crap. They have slid downhill in terms of stock, and non competative prices on electronics.

I looked into that sony and it, with an external flash would come to around $700 +/-. That is the kind of dough I am expecting to put into a decent system, and get me out of the compact arena. I like Zeiss lenses vs just a slap-on generic lens.

The Rebel EOS digital is close in price, but the lens is lousy to pedestrian according to everything I read.

There is a website like "adorama" that will go a la carte on stuff and it might be my best bet.
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