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Default Album Art

hey guys,

im am in and independent study where my brother and i made a small album. one of the requirements was some album art. i found a free album art program online and made these. the tree in the background is an india ink painting i did in high school. the idea i had was when the cd case is completely open, you see the white tree on the inside and the black tree on the out. by the way, the barcode is fake. we needed to have a potential spot for one, so i googled it.

what do yall think?
do yall have any album art that you have made?

lastly, what should i do for printing to get the best results? we have a printer, but its a crappy one. id like to take it somewhere to get it done but i dont know how to print this from my computer with the AudioLabel program on the kinkos printer...

1. front of the booklet
2. inside of the booklet
3. back of cd case
4. inside behind disc
5. disc

the red font came out blurry but its actually quite crisp...
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