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Originally Posted by m1ck View Post
I'm in.

Mine's 16. She was adorable when she was younger and I still love her to death but WHOAH the mood swings... I think all teenage girls go through a bi-polar stage. We have a good relationship regardless.
Unfortunately I think I've joked too many times about how I'm going to be cleaning my pistol in the living room every time someone comes to pick her up, and as a result I've never met any of her boyfriends...
But yeah - daughters rock. That picture of Amy is priceless, man.
Yep, they are bi-polar in a major way and some continues on into adulthood which my wife will confess to!

Funny how dad's never get to meet the boyfriends...but I have found my ways of getting them into the house after a call to their folks :-)
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