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having read through the last 15 posts i can see why bernhard hates the whole bonham thing. he probably likes john's drumming but he is sick of the avid bonzo fans.

forums are very revealing things guys. here in cyberspace it really is better to be quiet and let the world think you are a fool than type 500 words and prove it. over time because as an admin i have to read all posts as a duty i get to know members and a certain respect grows, not for the heavy posters, i don't even look at the number anymore, but for the folks who are humble, general, inquisitive, informative and respectful. it pays to do a search of all your posts and have a read now and then. how are you coming across to the rest of drummerworld?

as much as i truly love bonzo i hate a large portion of this thread, almost as much as the jordison and tre and portnoy threads. sheesh. celebrate the drummers.

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