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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd!

In this month's Modern Drummer magazine, I saw your Sabian ad for AAX series! Great job and good press!

I love the AAX and HHX myself.. Just got an 18" HHX Evolution crash - really awesome stuff.. I also have a 19" Vault crash and that thing shatters glass as well as a 16" AAX Dark which blends SO well with many musical styles.

You've probably had the opportunity to experiment with many more Sabian hi-hat choices than I, but I'm looking for another set of hats to use for another group that I recently came into. It's more Modern Pop with some R&B undertones - think Justin Timberlake meets Maroon5. I was *thinking*of something in the AAX, HHX or Signature series... can you recommend something that is capable of fast hits in the music and then at times, grooving along?

I have 14" HHX Groove Hats right now but I was leaning more of a slightly lighter and at times, busier sound.

Thanks Todd!!!

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