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Default Re: Digital camera shopping...

I`m currently looking at the Samsung NV24 HD camera.

I won`t talk about the 10 megapixels as those, combined with a high ISO setting just produce signal noise.
Other than that I`m really impressed by this camera. Especially for the price (about 190$) this one makes stunning looking photos and videos. Videos can be recorded with a 1280x720p solution and 30 fps.
It`s great that the camera comes with a "Schneider Kreuznach" wide angle lens. Not just because of 24mm wide angle but also because those Schneider Kreuznach lenses are very high-quality.
Here you can check out some photos I`ve made with my parent`s Kodak EasyShare:

And a coloured photo of my kit:

Another cool feature about the Samsung NV24 seems to be the dual image stabilization. If you`re not shooting with flash this is helpful to avoid blurry photos.
Great contrasts, colour and simply sharp. There are various options to change and improve picture quality and various flash settings.
Although it doesn`t have a 10x optical zoom (in fact, it has 3.6x) it certainly is a new flagship in this price range.

When I get it I`ll of course post some photos and HD videos here.

Hope that helps a bit... =)


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