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Sounds like a whole lot of your posts. Talking authoritatively about music and people that were around before you were born to people that were there.

"Loosing Syd was the best thing Pink Floyd could have done."

--Ok, would you care to describe the way people felt from the start, the attude of Americans vs UK fans via a vis the musical scene, and just what this represented in terms of paradigm shift for ther band's musical direction?

Blue man group ripping off stomp? Really? brilliant observation, as if it were chronologically possible. It seems that they both cleverly concealed this information of thier respective websites.

How many Zep concerts did you attend? You talk about Bonham like you knew him personally AND no one else knows him at all.

Reminds me of Matt Damons character in "Good Will Hunting"
The guy reads something, so he's a total expert on the subject. But can he describe the mood inside the Sistine chapel? The smell? The attitude of the people there?

Not without actually experiencing it. Just like not knowing Pink floyd during personnel transitions, and what the music meant to fans at the time before the changes.

At least learn to hate and attack others posts based on actual facts and experiance. So you worship Bonham, don't like blue man group. So you can form an opinion. It's not the same thing, especially if you weren't there and get the timeline completely wrong. Establishing an accurate criteria for an opinion should be the first thing you do. There are people here who have more historical perpective on Bonham than you do as well as an educated historian's point of view, perhaps you have read input from NuthaJason before? He just might have a better lock on things than you do.
lol, so because you were what 2 years old when Pink Floyd hit it big? and 5 years old when led zeppelin were at there best? you hold authority over everybody? lol you werent born during the transition of Pink Floyd either, so you cant hold that agianst me. i didnt say that the blue man group ripped off Stomp, i said that they ripped off things LIKE stomp, so agian you cant hold that against me. How many Zep concerts did u attend, i doubt any seeing that you were 10 when they broke up, so again cant hold that against me. So you yourself cannot hold an "accurate criteria" agianst me. and when have i ever talk about bonhan like i knew him personally. all i ever talk about is the music, not the man. So before u pick at everybodies post, make sure u read it a few times before u post blasphemy.
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