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Default Digital camera shopping...

My 5.1 mp digicam is now official 5 years old. It never was all that fast, and the flash system wasn't that good.

I am looking into a new one, and I know I can get something nice UNDER $400. My specs include:

- Must have at least 10x optical zoom
- Must have decent flash system
- Must have variable shutter speeds
- Must be at least 8 MP or better.
- Must have no more than minimalphoto quality issues.

Right now, I have my eye on one or two models of a Panasonic Lumix. They use Leica lenses and parts. The reviews I have read also indicate that barrel distortion and other issues that plague affordable digital cameras are minimal.

I don't want to go overboard with the prosumer stuff.. IE: $750+ body and $1k lenses.
I want something sensible, but capable in the "sweet spot" of the line.

I am going to use said new camera to photograph my new kit in January.

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