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Default Re: Brooks Wackerman

Actually I am not familiar w/any of his stuff in the last 15 years. But I actually have a tape of the band he was in at 15 years old which was Bad 4 Good. It was in 1991. A band Steve Vai put together. The guitar player was a 13 year old (student of Steves I believe) the bass player was 14 and the singer was 16 and was the redheaded kid Sam from Different Strokes (an 80's show) and in Terminator 2. It was a very good band. Great players for their age.......or any age really. Brooks' drumming at 15 was pretty damn good. Spot on. Must be a Wackerman trait. I saw them open for Joe Satriani in 1991. Anybody familiar w/this at all?

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