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I just watched an old The Who concert (from 1970) on Palladia (used to be Music HighDef channel on cable TV) this week and I've got to say Keith Moon is either A> "genius" or B> "bozo" on the drums. He is quite a unique drummer (one of a kind) and I've always dug his drumming on The Who songs... but now that I've seen him perform I gotta wonder "what the heck is he doing"? Some very strange techniques, stick gripping, fills, heck I didn't even see a high-hat. Half the time I think he is playing out of time, but then jumps back "in time". He must be self taught... doubt he started with Haskell Harr Book 1. Regardless of how "unconventional" his technique is... he manages to make it work. I'll have to conclude Keith Moon is "amazing"...

Other's thoughts on Keith?
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