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Default Re: Stranded on an island - pick 10 CDs

Ok, so the deal is to bring double live CD's or greatest hits, so I can have more to listen. But I guess it would be cheating.

1) Genesis - Trick of a tail
2) Genesis - Foxtrot (suppers ready yeah!)
2) Pink Floyd - The wall
3) Rush - Moving Picture
4) Metallica - master of puppets
5) Rush - Hemisphere (cant live without ''La villa Strangiato'')
6) Dream Theater - A train of thought
7) Queen - a night at the opera
8) Iron Maiden - number of the beast (a guilty pleasure!!)
9) Porcupine tree - fear of a blank planet
10) Fu man Chu - Robert Charlebois (all right, I need an album in French)
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