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Default Stranded on an island - pick 10 CDs

Let's say you're stranded on an island and you make take only 10 CDs to listen on a solar-powered stereo. Which 10? I have about 700 CDs so it is VERY hard to limit to 10, These remind me of different times in my life and this music always moves me.

Here's my list, in no particular order:

Perez Prado: Greatest Hits

Tom Ze: The Hips of Tradition

Ana Belen/Victor Manual: Mucho Mas Que Dos

Skeleton Crew/Fred Frith: Step Across the Border/The Country of Blinds

Bhangra is Black: DJ KRS and Lucky Johal

Beirut: Gulag Orkestar

Psychic TV/ Genesis P. Orridge: Ultradrug

Aisha Kandeesha's Jarring Effects: Shabeesation

Gavin Friday: Shag Tobacco

Iron Maiden: Killers
Ironwood kit Tiki kit Openhanders Vids
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