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Originally Posted by drumhead61 View Post
MIKE, I have 2 teen daughters and already survived one the other 2 are better they are 13 & 15 so the same spread in years as I have...AnD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR Little one!
Hey Pete,

Thank you for the well wishes. 9 years go by so fast. I can't believe it.

Yes, the dating is coming! I don't know how I will handle it, but I will. Definitely really close with the girls, so they tell me everything. I have to be COOL so that they continue to feel comfortable enough to talk to me through the teenage years!

You are relatively new to the site, but you are one of the great guys out here. Your posts are always good and you are a nice guy to boot.

Glad to hear you made it through one of them. The other will hopefully be easier!

Do you have length and girth? I do! 18 x 26 at your service.
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