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Originally Posted by branflakes992 View Post
Hey Derek,
My name is Brandon Braun, I have a question about double bass control.
I reached 16ths at 210 about a week and a half ago, I was sort of shocked because i don't spend as much time on double bass as I do on latin and jazz. I have the problem of starting up, creating enough force to start right up, maybe not right at 210 but maybe 180 or 190 until I really get comfortable with 210. It takes me about a measure until everything locks right into place, any suggestions?
Oh yeah, the transitions.
That's the hardest thing about DB playing. Coming in....full force, in tempo and strong.
It's a balance issue....use your left foot as much as possible. If you can execute with your should be using it, if you want to play DB.
There's no secret to it.....just takes time. At least you're aware of it.
If you're can correct.

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