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Originally Posted by sideshowant View Post
Hey whats up D? It's Anthony Chips friend from NY. When are you coming back up the east coast? I have to say man your book has completely changed my life. I saw you back in June at The Collective and in those couple of months I've gained an insane amount of control and my chops have been through the roof. I gotta say the most challenging thing was the breathing. I never realized that i was holding my breath so much haha. To everyone on this forum I highly recommend you purchase this book.


Yo Anthony!!!! How's it going?
Thanks so much for the props on the book. Glad you're digging it and it's helping.
Although, you don't seem to need much help! Haha.
Digging the recording you gave me.

Holla anytime. When you see Chip, tell him hello for me.

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